Re: Orca creating new account in edgy

Hi Cody.
When creating a new user in Edgy from Gnome, which i think you do,
right? there's a multi-paged dialog that's called "add user" or
something to that effect.
If you want to use sound you'll have to go to the tab that says
"Privileges". Now here comes the tricky part, because you'll have to tab
to a table with the different privileges that you can assign to a user,
however, Orca can't currently recognize the status of the check boxes
that are next to the privilege you want to assign to a user, so it's
rather a guesswork if you have given the user that perticular privilege.
A bug has been filed on this matter, but unfortunately i can't currently
remember the number of it. However, the thing you want to do is arrow
down in the table until you hear something like "Allow sound" and press
space bar on that line. That should do the trick.
Hope this helps, or else, ask away again.:-)

Cody Hurst wrote:
Hi all,
  I tried to make a new user in edgy and when I logged in as the new
user I got no sound, though my usual account works fine with sound. I
couldn't get orca to come up in text setup mode. Is there something I
can do? I tried opening alsamixer in the terminal but no luck. I don't
even get sound when I log in or out. Anyone have an idea?


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