Re: Orca not stopping talking

Very odd.  I just checked with debugging enabled in Orca and it seems as
though Orca no longer get keyboard events from the AT-SPI once you've
mucked with the NumLock key.  As a result, Orca won't interrupt speech
on a key press since it's not getting any key presses.

I can also verify this with the src/tools/ module in
the orca sources, and it looks like NumLock is toxic for me - once I've
enabled it, I'm hosed and need to restart the X server.


On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 12:37 +1000, Bart Bunting wrote:

Thanks for the tip, it seems that that was my problem!

Does anyone know why this is so?  Is it intended behaviour or a bug or

Wow Orca is much more useful when you can stop speech!


Lorenzo Taylor writes:
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 > It seems that if the numlock is on Orca will not interrupt.  I'm not
 > sure why this is or if this is even your problem, but the last time this
 > happened to me I found out my numlock was on.  If in fact it is on and
 > you turn it off the problem should go away.
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