Re: Orca on Edgy -- update

Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hi Henrik. I just gave it a try. This is awesome!!
I was wondering.... Would it be worthwhile to have a system beep occur
when the initial install screen appeared?  That would help address the
problem of how to know when it's time to press F5 if you can't see the
screen.  And, to be honest, there have been more than a few occasions
when I've booted my laptop from the live CD, turned away briefly, and
then discovered that I had to reboot because the install screen came and
went before I could give it the "noapic" option.  Had a system beep
grabbed my attention.... :-)
It's absolutely worthwhile, though we are here getting into territory that affects all users so it probably needs a wider debate. Filing a bug here: citing *both* of those use cases would be a good start. No chance for Edgy as we are now in deep Freeze, but it can be debated for Edgy+1

What version of Orca will be on the live CD post RC?  One of the reasons
for my query is that Rich fixed the problem of the Orca Preferences
dialog appearing but not automatically getting focus.  It would be cool
if when Orca started, the Preferences dialog had focus so that the user
knows its there.

Same exact code as now. We have a finite list of serious bugs that we intend to fix before releasing RC (and Orca is not on that list). Between RC and Final we will only fix new issues that cause serious pain (if any turn up). That's the process at this stage :) But then development opens up completely for the next version.

I've started putting some ideas here:

Rich Burridge wrote:
This is great! Congratulations. I'd like to make a very minor suggestion
for a future release (hopefully you are even working on it already 8-) ):
Indeed. At least on paper (see above). You can even make major suggestions :)

Rich, are you in the SF bay area? Can you make it to the Ubuntu dev summit in November? That's mainly where we will spec out new ideas.


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