Orca on Edgy -- update


After some bug fixing in our boot system we now finally have Orca starting on the Live CD the way we intended. CDs found here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/

and any Edgy release after RC should work this way.

New instructions for booting:

* Start the machine with the Edgy CD in the drive
* Wait for about 5-10 seconds (waiting too long --30 sec-- will cause the boot to continue without accessibility features)
* You are now at the boot options menu
* Press F5 for the the accessibility menu, 3 for screen reader and Enter to activate
* Press Enter again to boot the CD
* Wait 2-3 minutes as the CD boots
* You should now be greeted with 'Welcome to Orca'

The Orca+installer issue should also be sorted out today. We still have some trouble getting the magnifier to autostart though.


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