Re: Orca on Edgy -- update

Hi Henrik,

After some bug fixing in our boot system we now finally have Orca starting on the Live CD the way we intended. CDs found here:

and any Edgy release after RC should work this way.

This is great! Congratulations. I'd like to make a very minor suggestion
for a future release (hopefully you are even working on it already 8-) ):

New instructions for booting:

* Start the machine with the Edgy CD in the drive
* Wait for about 5-10 seconds (waiting too long --30 sec-- will cause the boot to continue without accessibility features)

Any chance you can get an audible cue in there, similar to the one that
happens when the GDM login screen appears? That would totally take away
the guess work of knowing when it's at the boot options menu.

* You are now at the boot options menu
* Press F5 for the the accessibility menu, 3 for screen reader and Enter to activate
* Press Enter again to boot the CD
* Wait 2-3 minutes as the CD boots
* You should now be greeted with 'Welcome to Orca'

The Orca+installer issue should also be sorted out today. We still have some trouble getting the magnifier to autostart though.


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