Re: Orca thanks for orca installation suggestions and now a question a about firefox v3

Hi Aruni,
what's your problem with Firefox?
Orca doesn't yet provide much support for this browser, and as I've 
understood Kristers mail a few days ago, (I think he wrote it) you need to 
upgrade Orca to an 
experimental version before upgrading Firefox to version 3.0.
I don't know the necessary links by heart, but take a look at Kristers 
However, you can extend Firefox 2.0's accessibility by installing a package 
of extensions provided by Charles Chen, who wrote a talking screen reader 
for the "Fox" which supports Orca's speech.
Please visit:
for info, documentatin and an installation guide.
Note: If you know Jaws or Window Eyes, you mustn't expect the same 
performance, but Firevox is a step toward better accessibility.

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