Re: Orca Adding more emacspeak servers to orca.

Hi Bart:

Another question along the same lines, what is required to fill out
the accs stuff to make more outloud voices work?  If someone gives me
some pointers I could try and get things to work.

All of the emacspeak stuff came from T.V. Raman, so if you understand
emacspeak internals, you should be well over half way there.  :-)

The basic idea is to set up a bunch of subjective stuff (average pitch,
stress, pitch range, etc.) for each voice in src/orca/ Joanie
did a bunch of work in src/orca/ which you be able to use as
an example.  

I think it will be just sheer tedious work to get it done, and it will
require someone who has IBMTTS installed (which I don't have).  If you
manage to get things working, we'll definitely roll the new tables in
for a future release of Orca.

Hope this helps,


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