Re: Orca Deleted characters in gnome-terminal are not spoken.

Luke Yelavich wrote:
When using gnome-terminal, I find that whenever I press backspace to delete a character, orca only says space, even though I know there is a character there that needs to be deleted. The devs may be aware of this one, but I am wondering if anybody has found the same problem?

Yup we know about this one. Will mentioned it in the Orca ChangeLog:

2006-05-13  Willie Walker <william walker sun com>

       * src/orca/scripts/ add an onTextDeleted
       method to handle the bizarro behavior we get when we backspace
       in a terminal and there is still text to the right.

       NOTE TO ALL: terminal is screwy.  When you press "BackSpace", it
       pads out the rest of the line to the right with spaces.  Then,
       whenever you press space, it will no longer issue text inserted
       events for the space if you are typing at what looks like the end
       of the line.  Instead, it only issues caret moved events.  To top
       that off, if you've done a backspace and have then arrowed in a
       little bit from the end of what looks like the end of the line,
       you get a text inserted event for the remainder of the line.  We
       end up speaking this.  So, hey, type perfectly in terminal, never
       hit backspace, and things will work fine. :-P

I thought we'd filed a bug against gnome-terminal on this, but I
can't find it. I'll check with Will, and if there isn't one filed, will
do so.

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