Orca and the Edgy Eft Live CD


Next week a bunch of us Ubuntu folks will meet in Paris to discuss amongst other things new accessibility features in Edgy Eft. Orca is clearly high on that list. (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Specs/EdgyAccessibility)

We've had some problems with the optimised file systems on the Live CD (which are used to make it boot faster), in that the sound card may not be up when Gnome starts and so Gnopernicus fails to come up speaking.

We would like to have a more robust solution for this in Edgy. The first thing to find out is which component breaks (festival, gnome-speech -- I'm sure others will know which). Then we should decide how we can make sure that it's brought back up automatically. Would this be the responsibility of Orca or speech-dispatcher/gnome-speech? Can one of these be given the task of checking the other links in the chain further down and try to bring them back up?

I see several people have been asking for a Live CD with Orca, so it would be cool to get this out fairly early in the cycle.

- Henrik

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