Re: Orca Not accessable?

Hello Juan,

Which operating system are you using? I think what you're experiencing is that the specific applications you are trying to run are inaccessible. Fedora is really bad in this regard. A lot of its system administration related applications have this problem. I've had much better luck with Debian and Ubuntu in this regard. I'm not sure exactly what the deal is, but I suspect that Fedora uses proprietary applications, that have never been ported to GTK2. I actually used to favor fedora, but this issue is one of the reasons i've shifted away from it, and now prefer Ubuntu or Debian.


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Subject: Orca Not accessable?

Hello everyone,

Are allof the menu options off of preferences/administration not accessable?
I'll go to the date and time options, or the security and firewall otpions
and all it'll say is ie: date and time options not accessable.

Is this because these screens are yet not accessable? Or is there something
wrong with my system?


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