Orca 6 issues found in 0.2.6

HI all,

  I have found 6 bugs that might be looked into.

1. In gaim, when arrowing through the buddy list, names are spoken where
they really don't appear. Doing a flat review will speak the correct
position of nick names and group titles.

2. When restoring a window from the bottom pannel, the word "pressed" is
spoken three times before any other information is spoken.

3. In certain places, pressing backspace will not announce a deleted
character. I have noticed this in the subject line of evolution, I can't
recall where else.

4. When in GEdit at times speech stops when arrowing through the text.
To resolve this issue, a quick alt+space then escape will resume
speaking of text.

5. When typing email addresses in evolution, email addresses are not
read if they are automatically completed.

6. Blank lines, be it in GEdit, evolution or whereever, are not
announced. A suggestion is to have orca say "blank" when arrowing up or
down in a document or email.Has anyone else experienced any of these

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