Re: Orca incoming messages in Gaim not being read; work-around no longer working

Hi Joanie,
Hi all.  A week or so ago, I posted that incoming messages in Gaim were
not being read.  At the time I was using 0.2.5.  Mike proposed a
work-around, namely moving flat review to the chat area at the beginning
of the session.  That worked great!!

Now I am using 0.2.6 from CVS.  Incoming messages are not being read
automatically and Mike's work-around is no longer working.

Can you build Orca from CVS? Will and I worked on the gaim script
on Friday. We hope we've now fixed this problem.

We've also added a couple of features to the script:

         Added in gaim script specific support for Insert-h, which
         toggles whether we prefix chat room messages with the name
         of the chat room (default is not to).

If you are running gaim, and that application has focus, you can
type Insert-h, and each message that then comes in will be prefixed
with "Message for chat room <chat room name>" when spoken
or brailled. Typing Insert-h again, with turn it off (you might be
in a 1:1 IM with a friend and don't need to continually know the
chat room name).

         Added in gaim script specific support for Insert-[<n>] where
         <n> is 1-9, which will speak/braille the previous <n>th message.

Quite often if a message comes in as you are typing one, it'll get "lost".
Your typing will interrupt the speaking of it. The Insert-[1-9] feature
allows you to recap the last 9 messages without having to go into flat
review mode. This feature also uses the Insert-h toggle setting,
so each previous message will or won't be prefixed with the chat room
name accordingly.

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