Re: Orca incoming messages in Gaim not being read; work-around no longer working

Hi Rich.  

Can you build Orca from CVS? Will and I worked on the gaim script
on Friday. We hope we've now fixed this problem.

That's what I've been doing for a while actually.  I like the "bleeding
edge." :) Prior to reporting this problem, I built Orca again from CVS
just to be sure I had the very latest.  I did this on both of my
machines.  No luck.

We've also added a couple of features to the script:

I noticed that in reading your script -- hence today's suggestion on
your enhancement (319659).  It would be cool for the user to be able to
press a key and find out what app-specific keybindings he/she can use.

Quite often if a message comes in as you are typing one, it'll get "lost".

Indeed.  This will be very handy to have!


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