Orca Help recovering from orca crashes.

Hi, all.
Ok, well I have been running orca 0.25 with gnome-speech 0.4.0 and festival and Dectalk 5. I've noticed orca crashes quite often unexpectedly, and the only way to get speech back is to reboot from scratch. Some notes about the problem. When orca crashes all sound, speech, and system sounds are completely stopped. When logging out, and back in the desktop sound effects are totally silent and won't work. Also opening gnome-terminal and doing aplay path-tofile/some-sound.wav refuses to play the wav file I attempt to point aplay to. My theory is when orca crashes and even if orca itself is completely killed there is still some background process that has ahold of the sound card. So the next time I log in and start x nothing can access the sound card. I've noticed even at a shell emacspeak and other apps won't work either using the sound card. First, is there anyway to fix this without a total reboot? Second, do I need to file a bugzilla report on this? I'm certain someone else has had to have this problem as it happens both with festival and dectalk so I can't blame the sinth for the lock. It's either orca or gnome-speech which is my guess.

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