Orca Problem with Keyring? (was, Re: problems with evolution)

Hi all,

After discussing this issue with a few folks and playing around a bit, I've been able to reproduce it myself. It seems that it only occurs if the remember password box is checked, and it appears that it may be related to Ubuntu's recent implementation of keyring password management in Evolution. Can anyone confirm this? Orca completely hangs, so I'm not sure how to go about testing this effectively.


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Willie Walker wrote:
I need help understanding what "freeze" means.

Oh, sorry. I'll clarify that for you shortly.

Does a bug buddy or crash dialog appear?

No, unfortunately I get nothing. It just says that my password wasn't
excepted, and then all speech goes dead.

Do other applications appear to function properly?

Yes, they do. Evolution is the main exception to the rule that doesn't
seam to be working properly on my Ubuntu computer.

Does the mouse cursor still move?

I think so. I can't really see the screen so can't be sure, but I
believe it still moves.

If you kill the evolution process, do things come back to life?

Yes, they do. Once evolution goes it frees up the system, and things
return back to normal operation.

If you restart Orca, does the system come back to life?

Yeah, it does.

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