Re: Orca A hotkey for starting / (was, Re: menu placement and setup GUI in Ubuntu)

Peter Korn wrote:
Hi Al, Henrik, gang,

I think the ideal thing - which we never managed to figure out - is to have a keystroke at the gdm login screen invoke the screen reader (and other gesture invoke other AT), which is they carried over to the user's session. When done this way, at-spi could be loaded for that session, and the same AT they launched carried over.

The trick is figuring out a way to communicate that information... Of course, that same gesture would ideally be the desktop gesture as well.
Sounds very sensible. Having the same gesture would be very handy so you could start it later in a session if you wanted or on a Live CD which doesn't use a log-in screen. I'd also like to see a gesture for magnifier and and sticky keys (the OSK might be better started from the menu, though a GDM mouse gesture would also be invaluable for that).

I wonder if the new patches we are applying to resolve the sudo/at-spi issues brings us closer to having GDM gestures.

I can talk to our Gnome guys about some simple keybindings for Edgy (Al, I take your point that it would be helpful), but we should also spec this out properly for Gnome 2.17/Edgy+1 (and let's try to get the exact same gestures into KDE4 !).

- Henrik

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