Re: [orca-devel] Need help with new-settings model

El 23/07/10 01:19, Joanmarie Diggs escribió:
Hey guys.

When I start the new orca, orca shows the orca's screen but the
preferences screen is not shown.
I already found this and some other stuff along those lines. For now it
might be worth waiting on user testing.

First of all, thanks for testing the branch, I needed some feedbacks from some Orca users.

As you can imagine, I'm testing the branch in Guadalinex Guadalinfo v6 and Ubuntu Lucid without this problems ... maybe I forgot to clear gnome-orca gconf-tree before testing the code :S, my fault!

Even so, I will be grateful to be able to count on you for testing new-settings! Thanks again!

This evening I'll work on this
some and then touch base with Javi tomorrow.

Good! :P

  And soon we should have
something ready for y'all to test.

I hope so!



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