Re: [orca-devel] Need help with new-settings model

Hi Javier.
I tried to test and found a problem.
When I start the new orca, orca shows the orca's screen but the preferences screen is not shown. if I click in the preference button, orca tells me that there is already a preferenc's dialog running.
Resuming: I can not access the preference pages.
What am I doing wrong?

On 07/22/2010 08:59 AM, Javier Hernández wrote:
Hi all!

Yesterday, Alejandro Leiva pushed my last orca modifications, using 'new
settings model', but now I have a disturbing bug that blocks the merge
with master branch and to finishing final implementation and code

At the moment, new-settings branch includes:
- settings_manager fully functional
- classic backend (old
- gconf_backend (new settings)
- Profiles support in gconf backend, you can:
- create new profiles
- load profiles
- change active profile to load

There are some bugs, but there is a special bug that i can't fix.
When I've just save new settings, they are all applied succesfully, but
if I want to exit Orca, I get a freeze and I don't know if this bug
makes any part of Orca doesn't work properly. I don't get a Traceback or
some debug info that can help me to fix this.

If I use classic backend over settings manager, all is fine, but the
problem is with gconf_backend, in loadSettings method.

Could anyone test the branch and give me some feedback about
new-settings and, specially, about this bug?


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