cpp: Duplicate template specializations for sequences

Now, when building this:

the compiler complains that this template specialization from

inline void *_orbitcpp::UnboundedSequenceTmpl< CORBA::Octet,
CORBA_sequence_CORBA_octet>::operator new(size_t) {
  return CORBA_sequence_CORBA_octet__alloc();

is a redefinition of the same thing in orbit/orb/orb-cpp/orbicpp_poa.hh,
genereated by the ORBITCPP_DECLARE_SIMPLE_SEQUENCE() macro, in the
PortableServer namespace.

While we might be able to get around this particular clash, it seems
like the same thing will happen anytime 2 interfaces happen to use the
same sequence type.

Murray Cumming

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