Re: [orbitcpp-list] Re: cpp branch: CORBA_Object struct hidden?

On Fri, 2002-02-22 at 05:12, Sam Couter wrote:
> Murray Cumming <> wrote:
> > What was the advantage of this? I'm increasingly thinking that there's
> > no harm in the them being separate stub instances.
> I wasn't with the ORBit-C++ project at the start, but there are a few
> hints on the web page at
> * Little or no runtime overhead compared with C.

'little' is not well-defined here. Also, I tend not to worry about
optimisations until I know where they are useful.

> * Allow C programmers to use C++ objects without having to deal with any
>     of that 'horrible C++ syntax'

I see no great advantage to this. C programmers don't seem to be
demanding this.

Murray Cumming

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