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Ivica Loncar <> wrote:
> btw. Can someone convince me that ORB in kernel could be usefull?
> (Someone, give me a good reason why would one want that 'cause I've
> lost all my enthusiasm... if it's not appropriate for this list, feel
> free to mail me.)

It may be useful as a replacement for the various message-passing
systems in use by the different microkernel operating systems about the
place. This could encourage more compatibility between microkernel
operating systems.

As Michael mentioned, it may be useful as a more generalised
communication mechanism between user space and kernel space. ioctls suck.
In this way, CORBA could help unify driver development across operating
systems, or even within one operating system.

CORBA could make the step into distributed operating systems rediculously

Another point already mentioned is controlling embedded systems.

But for any in-kernel implementation to be useful, it'd need to be
rock-solid, secure, fast and small. The OMG has "Minimum CORBA" and
"Real-Time CORBA Architecture" specs which are probably useful for people
heading in this direction.

Using CORBA in a microkernel is something that interests me, but I've
since realised that it's way out of my league and that I should leave it
to others.
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