(offtopic) corba in the kernel ?

Hi Ivica,

On 27 Aug 2002, Ivica Loncar wrote:

> Mainly orbit 2.4.0 (I need korbit/kioik/something like that for my
> undergrad thesis, but that's an issue I would rather forget :-)

	You have my deepest sympathy ...
> btw. Can someone convince me that ORB in kernel could be usefull?
> (Someone, give me a good reason why would one want that 'cause I've
> lost all my enthusiasm... if it's not appropriate for this list, feel
> free to mail me.)

	Well, what's the subject of your thesis ? Whether or not it is
useful wholly depends on that .... I came to the conclusion in the end
of my undergraduate work that if I wanted to play around with
inter-kernel IPC, that I would have been better off just using the
kernel RPC implementation, mainly because whatever you do for an
undergraduate thesis is purely proof of concept and you're wasting
time trying to use (an utterly broken - you better get used rebooting
after many, many kernel oops) kORBit or trying to write your own
kernel space ORB. Never mind the pretty steep learning curve with

	Does this sound like I've been in your shoes ? Yeah, I did a
Final Year Project on this[1] and achieved very little apart from
learning heaps (the main thing, I suppose) - it certainly didn't get
me the grade I deserved for the amount of work it took :/

	Anyway, this *is* offtopic for this list but I'm posting it
here because it might help someone else ...

Good Luck,

[1] - I'm cringing at posting this here, but again it might someone
      else (there's sample code for doing the rpc thang in the kernel
      too ....)

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