Re: REsolving IP address

Michael Meeks <> writes:

> Hi Ivica,
> On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 22:59, Ivica Loncar wrote:
> > I get ior from server, but I don't have DNS and it seems orbit spins
> > trying to resolve server address. Is there a solution?
> 	Put the name in /etc/hosts ? an instant fix. But seriously,
> 	without DNS you'll have worse problems than this.

I've done that and it works now. I have no idea why it didn't work
when I posted that question.

> > Since I'm debian user I've tried ORBIIOPIPv4NoDNS option but it
> > seems it's not working (I can't find it in debian .orig sources?)
> > Where can one find that patch?
> 	What ORB version are you using ?

Mainly orbit 2.4.0 (I need korbit/kioik/something like that for my
undergrad thesis, but that's an issue I would rather forget :-)

btw. Can someone convince me that ORB in kernel could be usefull?
(Someone, give me a good reason why would one want that 'cause I've
lost all my enthusiasm... if it's not appropriate for this list, feel
free to mail me.)

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