Re: People widgets plans

On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 10:14 PM, Marina Zhurakhinskaya
<marinaz redhat com> wrote:
>> I agree with Owen that right click is not discoverable enough.
> Yeah, I agree that right click is not discoverable enough. But hovering
> introduces some problems, mainly the one with the user being able to get
> into the slideout to click inside it. It can be tested out though. We
> originally wanted to have the slideouts show up when you hover over an item
> in a stock, but were deterred by having to have an algorithm for "mousing
> over" to the slideout described by Owen.

Yep. I can try to come up with a prototype to see how well/bad it
works in practice.

> Defaulting to an e-mail is fine, but than we run in into the problem that
> we'll try to open a local mail application that might not be set up

Perhaps it would be possible to configure gmail as a mailto handler
for the desktop? That's something I would really love even outside the
specific people widget issue...

> or be
> set up for an account the user would rather not use for writing an e-mail
> (i.e. work account vs. the user wanting to write an e-mail from their Gmail
> account).

The only solution for multiple accounts seems the details dialog to
me. Obviously we can't put it inline in the peope widget... So while I
agree that it should be possible to send mail from different accounts,
a quickly accessible default is very useful anyway.

The default for a certain person could change depending on the last
account that was selected.

> I was talking about clicking on a search result in the search stock here,
> which itself is a slideout. So showing another slideout won't quite work.
> Showing the details dialog in the people browser in that case would make
> most sense. In general, I think it's a better action for the search results.
> Otherwise, if you want to do something other than talk to the person, you'd
> have to search for that person again in the people browser after finding
> them through the search results in the search stock.

Another possibility could be to have a detail section in the search
popup. I'm not sure how much useful it would be for file/applications


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