Re: People widgets plans

On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 15:12 +0200, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> == UI improvements ==
>  * Use smaller icons, likely the same size of applications icons.
> Display status in a non textual way. Do not display protocol inline,
> move it to the details dialog.
Using smaller buddy icons is cool, I think the buddy icon should be
scaled to be the height of the rest of the entry though.

I personally vote against not showing the protocol. If you have more
than one nick with the same name, the protocol is the only
distinguishing factor. 

>  * Automatically sort people, perhaps by the amount of conversations
> you had with them. Still allow to override the order.

This would be a welcome feature. Additionally I still wish I could group
people,  and then collapse that group.  I have a lot of buddies, and
finding them sometimes is a non-trivial task.

>  * Clicking on both the text and the icon open a chat. Hovering for a
> bit displays the details dialog. (same behavior as gmail).
>  * Cleanup the layout of the details dialog.
> == Empathy support ==
>  * Add a --server command line option to empathy to not display the
> buddy list on startup.
>  * Add a DBus service to empathy with methods to open chat windows and
> the configuration dialog.
>  * Make desktop-data-model monitor buddy info using libempathy.
>  * Switch the online desktop session to use empathy.
>  * Switch bigboard to use the empathy dbus service.
> == Open questions ==
>  * Should we keep support for pidgin?

yes. In my opinion empathy needs a few more features to compete with
pidgin.  Not to mention pidgin's install base is much higher.



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