Re: Patch to the suggested .jhbuildrc

> The current gtk-2.0 trick doesn't really work on x86_64. PYTHONPATH is
> not yet set when .jhbuildrc is executed. The attached patch fixes it,
> it's just a modified version of the jhbuild code.

Looks like a good fix, please update the wiki.

(We discussed this on IRC - it turns out that the actual problem is that
sys.path doesn't contain the ~/od/install/lib64 directory yet...

> For a real fix, did anyone look into the .pth problem? Is it a python
> bug/limitation?

It's a Python limitation. The algorithm is something like:

 - Look for .pth files in the system library directory
 - Implicitly add to PYTHONPATH based on that

I'm not quite sure what the right fix would be ... some other environment 
variable to extend the set of directories where .pth files are looked for?

- Owen

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