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Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
Yeah. My understanding of the Applications widget is still poor. How does popular applications affect the list exactly? Is there any way to expand the number of items in the widget either manually or on the base of the latest/most used applications (by the local user)?

Once you enable application tracking, the list should consist of your most used applications. You can view popular applications by following "Find New Applications" link in the Applications Browser. If you don't have the application tracking enabled, the list will have the global list of popular applications.

We did notice recently that the list of your applications in the Applications widget did not agree with what was showing up at under "Your Application Usage". It should (unless you specifically "pinned" some applications to the sidebar), so this is a bug that needs to be fixed.

The Applications Browser has a control for selecting the number of applications that are visible in the Applications widget. There also used to be a "Show in sidebar" check box that allowed "pinning" an application in the Applications widget. Having an alternative ordering with applications being sorted by most recent use is a good idea, but it's not currently implemented. The ability to "pin" an application to the sidebar is a good solution for the user who has a new favorite application.

Luckily, I have an old version of bigboard on one of my machines, and here are some regressions in the Applications Browser that I could identify. Judging by the revisions log, they are probably not intentional. This explains why you did not think the Application overview area carried any extra information. It doesn't now, but it used to. I am attaching the screen shots with the older version of the Application Browser.

Some observations about these screen shots:
-- In a addition to the sub-header which is shown in gray, there is a longer description of the application in the application overview area. -- There is a More Info link which links to the page about the application. -- There is a "Show in sidebar" check box for pinning the application in the Applications widget. -- The subcategories show only the applications you have used at some point. The More links take you to the page with that particular category that contains all the applications in that category that you have installed, as well as the applications that you have used, even if you do not have them installed. -- The sub-header for the applications that you don't have installed is used to say "(Not Installed)". An "Install" button is displayed instead of the "Run" button in the overview area for such applications. -- The area at the bottom is supposed to be used for "advertising" popular applications that you do not have installed. (I don't remember if they'd be show in the overview area or you'd be taken to the web page about them if you click on one of them.)

Does anyone know if any of this functionality has been removed or changed intentionally? If not, it should probably be restored or re-evaluated.


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