Re: commits list

On 10/29/07, Colin Walters <walters redhat com> wrote:
> Bryan Clark wrote:
> > If you want to filter all messages from commits mugshot org
> > <mailto:commits mugshot org> to the trash you'll only ever see the
> > discussion that happens around a commit message.  That's what I
> > usually do. :)
> An alternative is to have a batched email of say all commits for that
> day.  A few minutes of Google searching didn't yield something to do
> this, but it seems like it'd be fairly trivial.
> Or hm, maybe we could just take the existing RSS feed and use some RSS
> to email script?

Another (more common?) alternative would be to have separate
god-commits mailing list (for those who really are interested) with
Reply-To set to this list for discussion.

Tommi Komulainen                                 tommi komulainen iki fi

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