Re: commits list

If you want to filter all messages from commits mugshot org to the trash you'll only ever see the discussion that happens around a commit message.  That's what I usually do. :)

On 10/28/07, Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org> wrote:
Hi Bryan,

2007/10/26, Bryan Clark <clarkbw gmail com>:
> I'm sure everyone has noticed by now, but we have svn commit mail pointing
> to this list now.  For a while our commits mail was going to an internal
> alias that was delivered to a small group of us.  The commits mail was
> originally just so we could all keep and eye on what was happening in the
> code base however there was often a lot of discussion that happened around
> certain commits; discussion that would benefit everyone.  So we've moved the
> commits list out in the open to this list, a move that I think most open
> projects should be doing.
> Feel free to comment, question, and reply to the commit messages as they
> arrive.

For me, this is really annoying because I'm not interested in all
parts of the online desktop stack and my involvement is not deep
enough to want to check every commit. Maybe I shouldn't be subscribed
to this mailing list then?



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