Re: Is gtk4 support in libnma still EXPERIMENTAL?

On Sat, 2022-03-12 at 21:47 +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:

Hi there,

there has been a flurry of updates for nm vpn plugins adding support
GTK4. All of them require a libnma built with GTK4 support which is 
still marked experimental.

I haven't seen any real follow up commits in libnma dealing with GTK4
issues, so I wonder if the EXPERIMENTAL status is still true or if
safe to enable support for it (say in the Debian package).


it was called "experimental" in the NEWS file for "libnma-1.8.32" a few
weeks ago. Otherwise, I don't see that libnma-gtk4 is marked as
expirmental (is it?).

In general, we don't have a strong definition what it means that
something is experimental. The word was IMO used informally in the NEWS
file. We don't take that as an excuse to cause unnecessary(!) harm to
downstream/users by breaking API.

If you have a GTK4 application that needs libnma, then you are gonna
need the libnma-gtk4 version. Out of necessity, it's reasonable to
start using libnma-gtk4 now.


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