Re: Is gtk4 support in libnma still EXPERIMENTAL?

On Sat, 2022-03-12 at 21:55 +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:
Am 12.03.22 um 21:47 schrieb Michael Biebl:

Hi there,

there has been a flurry of updates for nm vpn plugins adding
support for 
GTK4. All of them require a libnma built with GTK4 support which is
still marked experimental.

I haven't seen any real follow up commits in libnma dealing with
issues, so I wonder if the EXPERIMENTAL status is still true or if
safe to enable support for it (say in the Debian package).

Related to that, are you really considering embedding gtk4 into the 
soname and pc file name?


yes. I think it's fine. is there a problem?

You cannot load gtk3 and gtk4 in the same application, and
consequently, you cannot load (gtk3) and libnma-gtk4

libnma is a GUI library based on GTK. It seems not unreasonable that
the GTK version is part of the library name -- in particular, as there
might come GTK5 in the future.

These are really two different libraries (with very similar API and the
same underlying sources).


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