Re: NetworkManager CAN Support


On Tue, 2021-05-11 at 13:23 +0000, Kraxner, Josef AVL/AT via
networkmanager-list wrote:
I have one question regarding CAN support in NetworkManager. I tried
to set up CAN within NetworkManager, but it doesn’t work.
Then I noticed that there is anyway no CAN connection type available
(nmcli connection add type can ifname can0 -> bad connection type:
Did I something wrong or is CAN anyway not implemented at the moment?

CAN interfaces are currently not supported

(beside, the "generic" connection type, where you could create the
interface outside of NetworkManager and only use the generic profile
for doing IP configuration on the link -- but, I think generic profiles
are little used, so there might be problems with that.)

Will you plan to integrate CAN configuration in future?

No plan. Things get done exactly when somebody wishes to contribute a
feature. Such a contribution would be very welcome.


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