Re: AccessPoint 5GHz DFS Channel Radar Detection Failure

On Wed, May 05, 2021 at 09:16:44AM +0000, Stärk Nadja wrote:

I'm working with NetworkManager v1.22.8 and face some issues with my 5 GHz access point.

I need to create it on DFS channel 100 and when a radar event is detected the channel should be switched.

Debug output of wpa_supplicant is enabled.
If I send a radar event through the debugfs to channel 100 now, I can see that it was received by 

nl80211: Event message available

nl80211: Drv Event 94 (NL80211_CMD_RADAR_DETECT) received for p2p-dev-wlan0

nl80211: DFS event on freq 5500 MHz, ht: 1, offset: 0, width: 1, cf1: 5500MHz, cf2: 0MHz

p2p-dev-wlan0: Event DFS_RADAR_DETECTED (42) received

Hi, the event is detected on p2p-dev-wlan0, which is a P2P interface;
probably it should be on wlan0 instead. How do you simulate the event?

But the channel is not switched.

I made some debugging in wpa_supplicant (v2.9) and figured out that the function 
wpas_ap_event_dfs_radar_detected in ap.c instantly returned because the wpa_s->ap_iface and the 
wpa_s->ifmsh is empty.

Is the NetworkManager able to handle a fully working 5 GHz access point? Do I just need to add some extra 

Yes, I think it should if you set property '' to 'a'.


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