Re: PPP over ATM support

Le mercredi 23 juin 2021 Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com> a écrit:


On Wed, 2021-06-23 at 01:13 +0200, Denis Prost via networkmanager-list
The only minor problem left is that this connection is not listed in 
know if there is a way to have it appear in nm-applet GUI ?  

The GUI would need to explicitly support a certain type, and nm-applet
(in this case) does not. 

The only solution for making that work is to extend the GUI or use an
alternative GUI (I am not aware that one exists with ADSL support).

It's unclear whether that is desirable however. Is this feature in the
GUI only missing because nobody worked on it? Or is the feature
intentionally missing to keep the GUI simple and understandable (albeit
more limited). If it's the former, then a patch can fix it.

Probably a well done patch for this would be accepted... it depends
however and the UI should be discussed before fully working on a
feature that later might not be accepted.

The workaround is to use nmcli (or a possible alternative script/tool
that suits you).


Thanks Thomas,

It would be nice if the GUI was patched to support ppp over ATM, but I guess very few
people still use it and the developers might find that it is not worth the effort.
Anyway, it is already fine being able to have it work with nmcli.



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