PPP over ATM support

Hi everyone,

I'm connecting to the internet through an ADSL speedtouch USB modem which uses PPP over ATM (pppoa).

This page - https://developer.gnome.org/NetworkManager/stable/settings-adsl.html - seems to tell that NetworkManager supports it, but  "nmcli c add type pppoa ifname ppp0" returns :


Errorr : invalid connection type : « pppoa » doesn't belong to [6lowpan, 802-11-olpc-mesh (olpc-mesh), 802-11-wireless (wifi), 802-3-ethernet (ethernet), adsl, bluetooth, bond, bridge, cdma, dummy, generic, gsm, infiniband, ip-tunnel, macsec, macvlan, ovs-bridge, ovs-interface, ovs-port, pppoe, team, tun, vlan, vpn, vxlan, wimax, wpan, bond-slave, bridge-slave, team-slave].


Is pppoa supposed to be supported by NetworkManager ? If yes, how can I add a pppoa connection ?




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