Re: Understanding IPv6-PD over PPPoE

Marc Haber <mh+networkmanager-list zugschlus de> writes:

At least with 1&1 DSL in Germany (via Versatel), the Fritzbox itself
gets an IP address from an entirely different prefix than the prefix
that is eventually delegated for assignment to internal networks.

Yes, we do that as well. The CPE gets an IA_NA address, dynamically
assigned per session. The reasoning was that we wanted the CPE to have a
global source address for the traffic it generates on its own, and we
didn't want to "steal" any part of the users IA_PD.

But 10 years later I'm not convinced that this was necessary.

Unfortunately, it is pretty hard in Germany to get a dedicated VDSL
modem so that you can do the PPPoE yourself, so I can't comment about
the exchanges that go on on the wire.

You can't use any VDSL modem, or bridge the one you have?


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