Re: Understanding IPv6-PD over PPPoE

Steve Hill via networkmanager-list <networkmanager-list gnome org>

That's a pain.  It basically makes it impossible for a single-NIC
machine to connect to an ISP that is only responding to IA_PD.  (Well, 
you can obviously set up a dummy NIC, which can be assigned a prefix,
but that's a kludge).

Not at all.  Assigning a global address to lo (loopback) is perfectly
fine.  No need to assign an address to a link unless you want to assign
a prefix to it.  And you obviously don't want to do that for the link
you received the IA_PD from, which is why it isn't allowed.

There is also the weird 3GPP solution, where you put a /64 hole in the
IA_PD and assign that /64 prefix to the link.  Ref RFC 6603 and 3GPP TS
23.401.  Don't know if that's supported outside the mobile world.  It's
butt ugly in any case.


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