Re: I'd like to use the upstream DHCP server when using network sharing.

On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 01:58:53PM +0000, Vallevand, Mark K wrote:
Actually, I am using a bridge.  It is currently between two NICs.  
We removed the 'upstream' NIC from the bridge and then enabled
NetworkManager interface sharing on the bridge.
NetworkManager selects the Wi-Fi connection and creates all the plumbing and
it works.

What does "selects" mean here?

Sorry, I didn't understand the configuration scenario. Do you want to
share the Wi-Fi connectivity to the bridge, or the other way around?
How is the Wi-Fi connection configured (DHCP, static, no addressing)?
Where do you have the default route?

There are some issues.
The first on that list is that we'd like to convince the dnsmasq started by
NetworkManager to proxy or forward DHCP request to the Wi-Fi connection.

NetworkManager doesn't support that directly, but perhaps you can add
custom configuration for dnsmasq in
/etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq-shared.d/ .


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