RE: I'd like to use the upstream DHCP server when using network sharing.

Actually, I am using a bridge.  It is currently between two NICs.  
We removed the 'upstream' NIC from the bridge and then enabled
NetworkManager interface sharing on the bridge.
NetworkManager selects the Wi-Fi connection and creates all the plumbing and
it works.
There are some issues.
The first on that list is that we'd like to convince the dnsmasq started by
NetworkManager to proxy or forward DHCP request to the Wi-Fi connection.

Mark K Vallevand
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On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 07:55:53PM +0000, Vallevand, Mark K via
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I'd like to use the upstream DHCP server when using network sharing.

Is this possible?

No, connection sharing starts its own DHCP server on the "downstream"
interface (the one with ipv4.method=shared). If you need only to pass
frames between two interfaces, probably you can use a bridge

I'm sharing an interface and the Wi-Fi connects to either a
home/small-office router which serves DHCP, or it connects to an access
point which passed DHCP requests to a corporate server.

.... however, note that a Wi-Fi client interface usually doesn't work
when it is under a bridge. So I think your only option (if I
understood well what you want to do), is connection sharing, which
creates a different subnet with DHCP on the downstream interface and
enables NAT.


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