Re: manage bluetooth devices using NetworkManger


On Mon, 2020-10-05 at 23:29 +0530, NIKHIL PATIL wrote:
   1)  yes. I added networkmanager with bluetooth support.
     My networkmanager_1.10.6.bbappend file :-
     PACKAGECONFIG_append = "  bluez5"  
      Is this fine for bluetooth support or need to be extra in file ?

Possibly. I am not familiar with yocto or your build setup. What
matters is that you have a file like "libnm-device-plugin-", and that the logfile indicates that the bluetooth plugin
is loaded.
   2)  default bluez5 (bluetooth package ) is dealing with connman ,
how we can make so bluez5 will deal with networkmanager  in yocto? 

bluez is a service that provides a (D-Bus based) API for dealing with
bluetooth. Connman and NetworkManager are services that provide an API
for configuring network interfaces, they both may do so by interacting
with bluez. It is Connman/NetworkManager who talks to bluez, not the
other way around. This means, if you want NetworkManager to configure
your bluetooth devices, then do it in NetworkManager (by setting it up
correctly, like having the bluetooth plugin working, and activating a
bluetooth connection profile in NetworkManager). NetworkManager isn't
aware of what other services (connman) you have running.

Not sure what your question is, but of course if you currently have
another layer (like a GUI application) that is based on Connman's API,
then you need to convince that other layer to talk to NetworkManager
instead. Which might not be possible, because most upper layers (GUIs)
either talks to NetworkManager or Connman, not both). In that case, use
a upper layer tool that is on top of NetworkManager instead of Connman.


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