Re: manage bluetooth devices using NetworkManger


On Mon, 2020-10-05 at 13:11 +0530, NIKHIL PATIL wrote:
    We are using Redpine module (rsi9113) which support bluetooth +
wifi . 
    OS - yocto based linux. 
    NetworkManager version :- 1.10.6

   1) for WIFI we are able to manage using nmcli commands .
       -> nmcli device 
       DEVICE         TYPE      STATE             CONNECTION       
    wlp0s21f0u4    wifi       connected            test 

 2) for bluetooth can we except like these ( bluetooth interface (eg.
bnp0)) using nmcli commands .
      My  networkmanager_1.10.6.bbappend file :-
      PACKAGECONFIG_append = " modemmanager"
      PACKAGECONFIG_append = " ppp ifupdown wifi bluez5"  
       I added bluez5 in .bbappend file , i thought it will manage
through these , but not happening , 
      i think by default bluez5 is dealing with connman ,  how we can
switch bluez5 with networkmanager .  

1.10.0 was released almost 3 years ago (and the minor update 1.10.6
five months after that). If possible, I wouldn't bother with such an
old version and use something more recent.

Anyway, did you build NetworkManager with bluetooth support enabled?

Under `nmcli device` you would see the paired bluetooth devices (that
support network related bluetooth profiles).

Did you look at the log file?

   3) using nmcli commands will show bluetooth device is connected or
not ? 

nmcli device
nmcli connection


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