Re: Changing primary plugin on Fedora to keyfile

On 5/10/20 2:50 AM, Thomas Haller wrote:
On Wed, 2020-05-06 at 22:59 -0400, Dusty Mabe wrote:

What do you think?


Sounds good. The package could just start installing a file

Not sure about the upgrade, vs. new installation. Note that if we set
main.plugins=keyfile,ifcfg-rh, then on upgrade old profiles still
continue to work. Only new profiles will be written in keyfile format.
Possibly we chould just change that completely. In that case, we could
not use a conf.d file, but instead change the compile time default.
Maybe the conf.d file is preferable, because it's better discoverable.

Yeah there are probably a few different ways to achieve the "only change
behavior for new installs" goal. It's possible that with discussion with
the Fedora community they would prefer to just change it for all systems
(upgrades and new installs).

But it's mainly the choice of downstream/Fedora. I think this would
require a Changes document ([1]) and discussion on fedora devel.


Seems the deadline for F33 is in June ([2])


Yes! The correct way to go about this would be to file a changes request and have
a discussion. I would love for that to happen. Would the NM team be interested in
doing that?


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