Introducing NetworkManager-anyconnect VPN Plugin

I have published a new VPN plugin for NetworkManager for the proprietary Cisco AnyConnect VPN service.  The code is available on GitHub at

NetworkManager-anyconnect is a very simple wrapper around the proprietary AnyConnect VPN cli binary.  The purpose is to be able to drive the proprietary connection from NetworkManager and therefore be able to take advantage of the integration offered both to the network stack and to the Linux desktop environment rather than having the user use a proprietary GUI to make VPN connections.

There is, obviously, already the NetworkManager-openconnect VPN plugin that is very capable of connecting to AnyConnect VPN gateways using the open source openconnect software.  While this is likely the preferred approach for most, given it's open source, there are certain situations where openconnect does not work and the user is forced to use AnyConnect.  One such example is when/if the VPN gateway is configured not to accept openconnect connections i.e. the gateway only accepts connections from the proprietary client.

More information about the new plugin, how to build it and make connections is available in the README on GitHub.



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