Re: automatic APN selection


On 2019/02/12 at 14:33, Aleksander Morgado wrote:

Also, I'd like to emphasize that IMHO this should not be the default in NM. Automatically selecting what APN to use should be explicitly enabled by the user somehow. Companies doing custom setups with MM+NM can enable this feature, even providing a "controlled" subset of the mobile-broadband-providers-info database, and that specific use case makes total sense.

Why so? I’d see such a thing as a lovely features, and you pretty much loose the benefit of it being default if you have to find out you need to activate. On the other hand it would be so neat to put a sim card in a computer that happens to have a free-software supported wwan card and get stuff just working!

I mean, it’s what most mobile phones do, right?

Could it at least be done so more user-friendly distribution (such as Debian, by opposition with, say, Parabola, Gentoo, etc.) makes this a default, through configuration files (and not only GUI), so uncaring user would benefit it neitherless?

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