Re: NM removes default route installed by zebra

Thomas Haller wrote:
nmcli connection delete "$PROFILE"

Brian J. Murrell wrote:
Meaning not have NM manage it and let RH's native networking scripts
handle configuring it?

Noting that Red Hat's ifcfg-... can be told the interface is
BOOTPROTO=none, given a IPADDR=... and NETMASK=... but given DEFROUTE=no.

Then a OSPF daemon can be started against that interface and populate
the main forwarding table.

A common remaining issue is how to get an administrative connection to
the machine should the OSPF daemon fail. An additional interface
connected to a different forwarding table is the simplest way (using
the ifcfg-..., rule-... and route-... files).


 Glen Turner
 Web: <>

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