Using both VPN and non-VPN (default route non-VPN)


I’ve already asked some help on irc: I have a VPN that provides me a public IP, which I use to run network servers, but I want to access the local network I’m connecting too, without passing through the VPN (otherwise stuff accessible only through local network is not accessible anywore), while still being able to use the tun0 interface. It’s a OpenVPN VPN, configured and ran through network-manager. I was told to go in IPv4, routes… and check the last checkbox.

But beside routing, when doing that tun0 becomes inaccessible: everything ends timeouting, and the other way around while not checking the checkbox: the wifi interface is inaccessible, only the tun0 answers…

Why that? is it more an openvpn problem? But if asking openvpn people will I find a way to apply that through network-manager?

Thank you for any help ^^

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