Re: Port NetworkManager to meson

2017-11-08 18:56 GMT+01:00 Colin Helliwell <colin helliwell ln-systems com>:

On 08 November 2017 at 16:54 Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com> wrote:

On Wed, 2017-11-08 at 13:40 +0100, Iñigo Martínez wrote:

Hi all,

These past few months I have been porting some libraries and
applications to meson build system[0], within the "MesonPorting"
initiative[1] that tries to port packages under GNOME umbrella to

As you may know, meson is a new build system which offers some
benefits over autotools, of which I would like to highlight the
following: it's very user friendly and usually, faster.

The fact that NetworkManager is quite large, and due to the effort it
would require to port it to meson, I would like to know if including
meson as build system could be interesting.

Please let me know any comment or suggestion you may have.




it seems that meson could significantly speed up the build,
which would be a very interesting thing to have.

Yes, we want to port to meson, but due to the amount of work, nobody
started doing that (yet).

Patches very welcome!

We build it within Yocto, so wouldn't want that to be ditched (meson cross-building supported in Yocto? 
And/or keep autotools build as an option)

That's an issue, yes. Although I don't have an answer for it,
`systemd` developers already had a discussion about the same issue[0].

The two build systems can live together. However, this can lead to one
of them being a burden.

Please, let me now if this issue is a problem for you.

Best regards,


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