Port NetworkManager to meson

Hi all,

These past few months I have been porting some libraries and
applications to meson build system[0], within the "MesonPorting"
initiative[1] that tries to port packages under GNOME umbrella to

As you may know, meson is a new build system which offers some
benefits over autotools, of which I would like to highlight the
following: it's very user friendly and usually, faster.

The fact that NetworkManager is quite large, and due to the effort it
would require to port it to meson, I would like to know if including
meson as build system could be interesting.

Please let me know any comment or suggestion you may have.


[0] http://mesonbuild.com/
[1] https://wiki.gnome.org/Initiatives/GnomeGoals/MesonPorting

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