Re: issues with long connection time for Non/802.1x networks

On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 12:42:41AM +0100, dennis knorr wrote:


My wishes/requirements would be:
* possibility to configure timeout for non-successfull connection
attempt with 802.1x/wpa supplicant (on cable/wireless)

The timeout is now hardcoded to 25 seconds:

In order to make it configurable we probably can add a new
per-connection "802-1x.auth-timeout" (or similar) property.

* possibility to configure number of retries for connection attempts
with 802.1x/wpa supplicant (on cable/wireless)

This is already possible with NM 1.6 using the
connection.autoconnect-retries property.

* possibility for  a mixed network to send after the connection attempt
(but not waiting for the successfull completion) a dhcp request, so we
already get perhaps an IP.

I think this could lead to confusion, as it would allow the connection
to a 802.1x secured profile without actual authentication (see [1] for
more details).


In my opinion, the proper solution is to use 2 different connection
profiles, and implement a configurable 802.1x timeout to speed up the
switch to the non-authenticated profile.


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