Towards NetworkManager 1.6

Hello everyone!

we've decided to release NetworkManager 1.6 rather soon. Among over
1000 commits since NetworkManager 1.4 there are usual bug fixes,
improvements, but also a plenty of cool features. It would be a shame
if it took too long for them to find their ways into your favorite
distributions' package collections. To name a few:

* MACsec support (requires a very new wpa_supplicant)
* Delegation if IPv6 prefixes to shared connections
* Automatic proxy configuration via PacRunner
* More flexible MAC address randomization
* Initial support for PKCS#11 tokens with 802.1x
* libnm Vala bindings

A more comprehensive list of changes in the 1.6 series is available

Yesterday, we've released the first release candidate (1.6-rc1, aka
1.5.90). Available from the usual place:

We're not going to release a new major version of the applet or the VPN
plugins at this point as they essentially remain compatible with the
1.4 version of NetworkManager. As usual, all the API and ABI changes in
the new stable version remain backwards compatible with the previous
stable branches. If you spot an incompatibility, we'd like to hear!

Everyone is invited to test, test, test. Your feedback is essential in
making this release the most solid one we've ever delivered.

Thank you!

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